‚ÄčSporting activities are an important aspect of our school curriculum and students are encouraged to participate at all levels. Our school offers a variety of popular sports both during physical education lessons, annual events and the winter sport season.

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

At Deebing Heights State School our goal in physical education is to provide students with knowledge, skills, values and the enthusiasm to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Activities in the physical education program are designed to promote physical fitness, to develop motor skills and the knowledge and understanding of rules, concepts, and strategies. Students learn to work as part of a team, or as an individual, in a wide variety of sports and activities, catered for their development.

Sports houses

Our Sports Houses are Flinders (Red), Goolman (Green), Blaine (Blue), and Joyce (Yellow).  Children are allocated to one of these houses on enrolment and will remain in that house for the remainder of their time at school. Newly enrolled students with siblings already attending school are placed in the same sporting house as their siblings. 

Annual sporting events

Deebing Heights State School holds a number of annual sporting events including a cross country, and the school athletics carnival. These activities are an opportunity for children to display the skills learned in their physical education lessons with emphasis on participation. Students who achieve a high standard in these events are able to advance to higher levels of competition at district, state and national finals.

Inter-school sport

During the winter inter-school sport season, students can elect to participate in a range of sports. The aim of this program is to allow students to learn new skills and demonstrate them in an organised sport environment and to encourage children to develop and display good sportsmanship. The cost of interschool sport is approximately $55 each student.

Students who do not participate in school sport teams complete school based independent learning activities, focusing on building ICT skills.

Representative pathways

Deebing Heights State School participates in the Metropolitan West School Sport Program. Students have an opportunity to undertake a representative pathway in a range of sports.

Below is the Pathway for Representative Sport

  1. Select to represent Deebing Heights State School at a District Trial
  2. Selection in a Metropolitan West District School Sport Team
  3. Selection in a Queensland School Sport Team.
  4. Participation in a National Championship.  


During Term 4, students in Years 2 to 4 participate in swimming lessons as part of the HPE Program. Lessons are delivered by trained professionals at Waterworx Springfield. Students travel to and from the pool by bus. Payment and parental permission is required and covers the cost of pool entry, lessons and bus travel. The cost of swimming is approximately $50 each student. For all up to date sporting information, please check out our newsletter and Facebook page.

Last reviewed 26 February 2020
Last updated 26 February 2020